Thursday, August 24, 2006

A photo shoot of Me:

These photos where all taken by my friend Scrapgoddes! She did a wonderful job of them! :)

This photo is the view I was looking at when the photo above was taken! :)

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Want More?

The View from my morning jog on my 30th Birthday (28-07-06)...

I tried to take a pic of myself and the lighthouse but it wasn't all that successful! ;)

The Beach and the water were just so beautiful...

When I got back to the cottage I sat on the same stool and wished that I lived either at the cottage or at this beautiful big house.

Later in the day we decided we were rather tired and a nap would be in order! I am a sun queen and I needed to get the warmth into my bones so I dragged a big fluffy doona out into the cottage yard, no sleep was had though as Scrapgoddess arrived bearing gifts.

This is Scrapwitch in the gorgeous sun on the blanket. She was getting up and I was still laying down but I love the way the clear sky is above her head!

I tried to get photos of Flutters and Scrapgoddess too, but they had the sun behind them and I couldn't see a thing... Guess I won't be scrappin these ones...

I have to run again now, but next I will share some photos that Scrapgoddess took of me on my official tour and shoot of the lighthouse cottage. She is the most wonderful photographer... So stay tuned!!

The next Installment of Norah Head Photos...

The View from just outside the cottage fence to wards the ocean!

This is where I stood to take the sunset photos...

Another Sunset Pic (I love the sun rays)...

Complete Dusk

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Norah Head Photos! :)

Flying High

The view from the plane just outside of WilliamTown (Newcastle).

My First photo of the Norah Head Lighthouse.

Me & The Lighthouse

My First Norah Head Sunset

That's all for today guys but I will share heaps more ASAP!!! :)